Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nice guys are out there!

Well folks, I'm here to tell you that there actually are nice guys in the single dating world. I have proof positive as I went out with one last night. Believe it or not, he even showed up with chocolates. Now how often to you hear of that these days? Right! That's what I thought. Like never. At least not with any of the dates I've had before this. lol.

After over three years of dating, via internet sites, friends, etc., I was ready to throw in the towel. I had come to the conclusion that all there were out there were sleazy peeps or scam artists. Then I decided to give it just one more shot and I may have found "Mr. Right".

This man is a true gentleman. After hours of texting and phone conversations we decided to meet in person, at a public place, where I'd feel safe. His words, not mine. So we pick the place and meet. Not only does he keep in touch via text to let me know when he arrived, he waited in the parking lot for me. Now keep in mind it was 4-degrees outside, he could have went inside to wait where it was warm, but no, he met me at my car and handed me a bag full of yummy goodness, a variety of chocolates.

The evening progressed smoothly, with no awkwardness at all. Even the silent moments passed by with ease. After a delicious, casual meal, we sat for well over an hour just talking, about everything. It also surprised me that he held my hand across the table during the entire conversation, giving gentle caresses and light squeezes at various times. I'm sorry, that may be the norm for some of you but in my previous married life, that was never something that was done. Public affection was like a curse, so it's a joyous thing to be the recipient of said affection.

Now for the haha moment.... When we both arrived back at our respective homes, we apparently hadn't talked enough during supper because we immediately got on the phone with each other talking until we fell asleep. We're not sure who fell asleep first or if we both fell asleep at the same time. Needless to say, we've laughed about that a couple of times today.

Plans are in the works for the weekend and yes, he's a true gentleman because the weather is supposed to turn nasty, as in snow, so he's offered to come pick me up, so I don't have to drive in it and so he can meet my "friends". The plan is a movie marathon and dinner at his place. AND, if I should happen to get snowed in, he's promised to sleep on the couch and give me his bed. Really? I didn't think men thought that way these days. How impressive is that?

All I can say is, if you are looking for the right guy (or gal) to come along, be patient. He or she is out there just waiting to find you or for you to find them.