Saturday, May 30, 2015

Indie Author Watch List

Take a moment to stop by goodreads to place your vote/s on the Indie Authors to Watch list. I admit that Hers to Have, Theirs to Have, and His to Have are on the list, but there are many other great Indie Authors listed. Find your favorites to vote on. The list is ever changing based on the number of votes. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Does anyone else find it amusing that these days you can’t view anything online without signing up, signing in, or creating a profile? And of course you can always use your Facebook ID… Yes! Let’s give FB another way to track our movements so they can send ads our way. Granted, I’m an author and depend on ads for publicity too. But, just because I view pictures of say, engagement rings for research, does that mean I want ads for baby products popping up in my sidebar. I mean really? Even if someone is engaged or getting engaged, does that mean they are automatically expecting a baby?
One example is today, for instance, I clicked on a link to read one of my favorite author’s blog entries and low and behold… I HAD to create an account. No problem. I’m not opposed to that. But then, it gives me no choice but to create a blog entry. Hmmm…. I already have two places that I post my blogs, so now here’s a third. Okay. We’ll see how it goes with WordPress. I’ve heard a lot about them, all good, so far, but does that mean I should have to move my blog entry over to them? I suppose I could go without putting on on the site, but hey, what’s the fun in that? Right?
So, I am posting here ( to see how it works. So far, so good. The ease of setting it up was fairly simple, although I never had a problem with Katorah’s thoughts on blogspot or my but we’ll see how this goes. :-)

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