Tuesday, August 29, 2017

OURS TO HAVE - Now Available

When two souls are destined to be together, nothing can keep them apart, and if the elders can give those souls a little help, they will intervene.

Arastar was destined to be with Quinn. It was written in the stars. Their encounter wasn’t a normal one, but once they met, they couldn’t deny what destiny already knew.

Little did they know their lives would change for the better; both gaining so much more than just each other.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Okay my lovelies... It's time for the cover reveal for OURS TO HAVE (book 6 of the Ackerman Security Consultants series).

This book will feature Quinn Whitehorse, who you've met in previous books. The mini princess (Fawn) calls him Q.T. as in "cutie" and her reason for this will be revealed along the way.

I'm excited about this book and discovering what Quinn's vision (at the end of book 5) fire, pain, suffering, strength and a single bright star on the horizon means.

The rest of the gang will pop in so you can keep up on the happenings around the Ackerman world.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

School Uniforms... Yes or No?

The question of  school uniforms has plagued our society for many years and why I'm debating this, I have no idea, since I no longer have children of school age. It was just something that popped into my at the alarming hour of 3:00 a.m. when I woke with a start and the debate rattling around in my head. Now I ask you.... Why is that? No freckin' idea. Ha! Ha!

So, to let's get on with the debate...

Are uniforms beneficial to students? When I worked in a school (years ago) the debate began. I, for one, was opposed to the idea (at that time I had a school aged child).

Some of the things I heard on the pro side were:

*They cut down on violence.
*They improve social interaction.
*They improve scholastic abilities.
*Easier for parents to clothes shop.
*Etc., Etc., Etc.

Now I give you my opinion of the "con" side of things:

*If a student has violent tendencies, what they are wearing isn't going to change that. Caring and loving acts are what make a difference. (Not in all cases, I know this from experience, but sometimes a "violent" or "misbehaved" child just needs some one-on-one attention.)
Improving Social Interactions.... Well, let's think about this one... Whether I'm wearing a dress or shorts, I'm still going to act the same way around people. My social skills don't change with what I have on. However, I will admit that sometimes you (or I) have more confidence when I'm dressed to the "nines" but deep down, I'm still same old me.

*Scholastic Abilities... Ummmm.... Not even gonna debate this one. What I have on doesn't make me "smarter" or want to learn more. If anything, when my son was in school, he was more apt to pay attention and "learn" when he was dressed in his comfy clothes as opposed to starched, "stiff", items.

*Easier for parents to shop... Yep. This might be the true. Although, when I was researching the practice of school uniforms, I found that I could still buy other clothes much cheaper, which would impact my budge significantly. At times, I was able to find items at the secondhand stores that were basically brand new for pennies on the dollar and that was much cheaper and easier than hunting specific items. I must admit, I was a lucky parent in the fact my son didn't require or ask for name brand items (except his motorcycle racing gear, but hey, even I agreed with those items... Safety first, after all).

*Etc., Etc., Etc... I could go on an on for the con side and yes, I could even name more pros, but my point is, do children really want them? Shouldn't they have an opinion in the matter?

And why am I bringing this debate up? Again, I admit, I have no idea.
Ha! Ha!

And now for a bit of comic relief:

*Images acquired through Google images. I do not own the rights.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Why is it when someone wants a pic of you, 
you can never find a selfie that you like?

In my case, it's probably because I hate pics and never take them. Now, looking through my phone I've discovered that my albums contain mostly half naked men (models) that I've chosen to share as eye candy on my blog or FB page, etc. and the rest are of my grandpups. LOL

What about you? What pics does your phone mostly contain?

Saturday, September 24, 2016


-------BIRTHDAY BASH SALE------- 
For my birthday weekend, I've put YOURS TO HAVE (book 5) on sale for .99 eBook @ Amazon. Don't miss out on this deal. (FREE for Kindle Unlimited)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

What Makes a Good Character?

As an author I find myself lurking around every corner for inspiration. Sometimes it's a comment I overhear; other times it might be something I see. Recently I spend some time browsing the NET for pictures of Native Americans. Now, while I didn't find an image that I was looking for, I did find many, many other incredible "hotties". Each one brought about a different idea in my mind for future reference in the story lines.

This got me thinking.... Do all book characters need to be "HOT"? No, they do not. Do we want them to be? Most of the time, yes. Why? Because this is our "fantasy world" that we can escape into to get away from the day-to-day grind. Right?

Well, I have tried, through my books, to remind people that you don't have to be "society perfect" to be an amazing and sexy person. Some of my characters are curvaceous; some have imperfections; some have checkered pasts. Does this mean they are unattractive? Not to me.

What makes a character interesting to you? To me it is someone who has depth; what's below the surface. I want readers to see what's underneath the exterior and then look at the outside. What molded the character into the "person" they are "today". That's the things that are most important to me when I'm writing about them.

I realize some people think authors are a bit off kilter when they talk about their characters "revealing" themselves in their (the author's) mind, but it does happen. I have found that while I may want a character to go a certain way, "they" don't always agree with my direction and fighting their true nature is futile.

So as an author, what do you do about these conflicts? Go with the flow..... I discovered not too long ago that "arguing" with your character's nature is pointless. When I attempted to do so, I hit a roadblock and couldn't get around it until I hedged and let the character be what "they" wanted to be.

Sometimes I wonder if we should look at this where society is concerned. Do we try to shape young people into what "we" want them to be and not let them explore their own choices? Something to think about.

On another note.... for your viewing pleasure, here are a few pics that brought some inspiration my way.... (I do not own the rights to these pics. They are from Google images.)