Saturday, July 26, 2014


This is what happens when I drink an entire pot of coffee and then get twitchy fingers. Paint is becoming my favorite pass time when the coffee kicks in full force. And what do you know? I even accomplished writing another chapter in book two of the Ackerman Security series while reading over the first part of the series I'm working on with a super fantabulous co-author. WooHoo! Now I think it's time to run around the block a few times. (Falls over laughing.)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eye Candy

Because sometimes you just have to have some eye candy to make it through the day!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A dirty job.......

Today was devoted to spending time researching for the second book in the Ackerman Security series. While I have the image in my mind of who or what most of the characters are going to look like, I'm struggling with the visualization of two of the characters. So, I spent the day searching and searching for male specimens to give me some example in my mind of how I want to describe them. I've seen male after male after male today and I must say I just might have to spend another day or twelve researching this topic. 

Here are just a few of the pics I've had to force myself to look at today.... Hey! It's a dirty job, but somebody had to do it.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Print Edition On The Way

I'm excited to announce the print edition Hers to Have will be released this week on While I enjoy my Kindle as much as the next person, there is just something still to be said about holding a book in hand. I received the "proof" edition this past week and have to admit it felt dang good to hold not only the book, but my book, in my hand. There is no greater feeling than seeing your name in print (even a pseudonym).

Book two of the Ackerman Security series is already underway and about halfway finished, as of now. The characters are all "speaking" to me in their own way, so while I'm attempting to make each of them happy, I still have a path to follow in what happens in this part of the series.

For inside bits and pieces and a look into the lives of the characters follow along on my FB page at: Katorah Kenway - Author

eBook available on Amazon at: Hers to Have eBook

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Amazing Friends

There are those moments in life when you stand by your car, as you're getting off work, and wonder.... Is it a margarita night or a coffee night. You've had a bad day. A really bad day. So you think, well, a good shot of tequila would be good. However, do you want to deal with the repercussions the next day? Hmmm.... Would it be worth it? Probably so. Then as you contemplate a few more minutes you glance at your text messages, because you've had no access to your phone for the last seven-plus hours (rules and regulations), and what do you see? A text from that amazing friend. The one that always knows you need a hug or a simple hello. Well, this friend tells me via text, that tonight's coffee treat (I prefer turtle latte, no whip, yes drizzle), is on her. It's paid for, just tell them at the drive-thru who you are. Of course since I frequent the place quite often and so does she, they know us, most of the time. Although, they do have a rapid turnover in employees, but it doesn't take them long to learn who we are.

Best part is, Scooter's is across the street from the building I'm working in this morning AND right on the way home. How perfect is that? Anyway, I go in to get my "free" coffee and the two girls working inside thought that was one of the sweetest things, that my friend had paid for my coffee. I must say, I have to agree. So, Riann, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only for being my friend, but also for steering me towards the better choice tonight. I'm sure I would have regretted the margaritas with tequila shooters. 

Then of course, on the way home, I called my other "bestie", you know who you are, and vent to her. Once again, she is the voice of reason in my head. Funny thing is I often picture her as the little subconscious that sits on your shoulder offering you sound advice. Then again, I kind of see her as the one on the other shoulder encouraging you to "Go ahead! Give it a try". Either way, thanks for cooling my temper down before I went in the house tonight. While I was still someone fuming over things, it was a slow simmer instead of an all out boil.

For those of you who are wondering just what happened today.... In order to protect the innocent, I'll be keeping those details to myself. But I will say this.... imagine spending all your efforts into making things run smoothly. You think things are going just as planned and then "the boss" walks in and knock the wind out of your sails making you sink to the bottom of the ocean over something so minute that it wasn't even worth dealing with. But yet, while you're checking out the view from the depths of the ocean floor, you look up to see the light and swim towards it so you can surface to get air only you look down to discover you ankle has been tied to the remains of a ship wreck. "Typical," you say to yourself, as this is the normal for your life. Get things going in the direction you want and BAM! You're knocked right back down into the murky waters once again.

Well, all is not lost. Thanks to two wonderful friends (and a few alter-egos in my writing world) all in the RL life of Katorah K is slowly tilting back onto a balanced axis and is slowly starting to rise to the surface. Tomorrow is another day and regardless of what today brought, tomorrow will be met with a smile. At least if nothing else, people will wonder what I'm up to.   

And may I just add that my wonderful friend, Kalani just sent me a text after hearing about my day and her response was, "Don't worry about it. The "boss" probably didn't get laid last night and needed to take it out on someone." When I sent back to her that I was crackin' up from her response, she said, "My work here is done." Yes it is, Kalani. Thanks babe for giving me a good laugh tonight.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Who do you see?

So I'm in the middle of writing book two of the Ackerman Security series and got stuck researching for swimsuit descriptions. I had in my head exactly what I wanted the suits to look like and wondered if there were any out there like them. Finding Spade and Nick's suits were fairly easy. Board shorts, of course. But what I wanted for Hannah, a whole other story. I found the style I wanted, just in the wrong colors. And while I know that the pictures I found aren't going to be in the book, I like to have that visual sometimes to reference back to. 

Now, as I scrolled through page after page of pictures, it occurred to me that I have swirling around in my brain the perfect vision of what Spade and Nick look like, but I wondered what you, as the reader, thought. If you were randomly picking people that fit the description, who would you choose for them? 

Feel free to post your thoughts/pics below or better yet, add them to my FB "like" page. You'll find a variety of information there as you follow along with me as the adventures continue. While your at it, don't forget to "like" my author page on at: