Monday, March 31, 2014

Wonderful Debut Book

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a new author that I've found. Her debut book was released by Amazon (for Kindle) on March 22, 2014. If you get a chance to read this, I recommend it.

While I normally don't care for a book written in first person, I found this book worth reading. I loved the internal struggle Kole was going through but most of all I was in awe of the male character, Santiago. Without giving too many spoilers away, the way he stayed strong and more or less forced Kole to "trust" him, was heart wrenching. I think my favorite part in the book was when Santiago had Kole choose a target for him to hit with a tennis ball and if he hit it, which of course was never in doubt that he would, she had to answer his question. Great motivator!

My only "negative" bit is, the editor of the book should have caught the fact that it's "pursed" lips not "pierced" when referring to gather or contract (the lips or brow) into wrinkles or folds; pucker.

I wish Jamie a long and happy future in the writing world.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring! Spring! Wherefore Art Thou?

According to my calendar Spring has arrived, yet when you step outside it's currently 34-degrees and raining out with wind gusts up to 30 mph. Really? If this is the definition of Spring I demand Webster's correct their dictionaries.

What about you? Are you tired of Mr. Frost knocking on your door?

My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall and I must say that I am more than ready for Spring to spring into action this year.

Has anyone else noticed that the longer the cold seems to stick with us, the nastier people's attitudes grow? Maybe that's not the correct words to describe it. How about the more depressed people seem to be? Yeah, that's a better description.

I'm so ready for happy, smiling faces to greet me instead of frowns and groans. And I don't just mean from adults. Kids seem to be experiencing the same types of symptoms. On that note, suddenly I have a song stuck in my head..... (Yes, this is probably "dating" myself by having this particular song in my head, but hey, oh well, at least it's not Mr. Roger's Neighborhood theme song.) Come On Get Happy! Who else still thinks Keith Partridge was just the cutest? Personally, I always thought his RL brother was cuter than him.... Shaun Cassidy.... YUMMO! Now there's a smile! So now I'm suddenly thinking about trying to find The Partridge Family and The Hardy Boys on DVD. The question is, as an adult will we find these fellas still as H.O.T. as we did when we were kids? Because honesty as adults, these two brothers are not so H.O.T. anymore. But then again, I guess you could say the same thing about me. I definitely don't have the teenage body anymore but even for a middle aged woman I think I can be downright sexy when I wanna be. Then again that might just be in that fantasy world I live in. :P

Back to the subject of Spring.... Are you ready for the flowers to bloom? The birds to sing? Okay, I could agree with the flowers blooming because I absolutely love flowers. Speaking of flowers, do you like to receive flowers from friends, loved ones, significant others? In the past I was always told (by the ex-significant other) that giving flowers was a waste of time and money because they were only going to die. Even though I often said I agreed with that philosophy, I honestly didn't. I think getting flowers from someone, even if it's just because they're thinking of you, is one of the nicest things. They don't have to be some expensive bouquet or arrangement. They could be something as simple as a wild flower picked from the side of the road. It's the thought that counts, not the amount of money put into them. Although one can never go wrong with roses. haha. As for the birds singing? Yeah, I love to hear them. It let's you know the warmer seasons are upon us. However, I can do without the not-so-lovely items they leave behind on my car when I have to park near the trees at work.

So in closing I say even if the weather won't cooperate with us by popping into Spring mode, let's get out there and sing a song, do a little dance, smile a wide smile, and spread the joy of Spring.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Author Spotlight: Torie James

If you haven't read the first book in this series, Timeless Night, you must do so immediately. It's a fabulous book with a new twist on Camelot. Author Torie James combines a great mix of intrigue, wit, and charismatic characters in her writing. Tonight I'm honored to feature her next book, Timeless Desire from the New Camelot series.

Due to my crazy schedule these days, Torie and I were unable to be here at the same time to conduct your usual interview type of session, so Ms. James was kind enough to submit a document for me to include. Below are the words of Torie James:

The Once and Future Queen Gig

I get ribbed from those who don’t know me very well about the moniker “The Once and Future Queen”. 

Isn’t it arrogant of me?

Isn’t it a bit of grandiose imagining?

Isn’t it overly cocky?

Isn’t it dramatic?

Yes. And yes. And yes. Oh and let’s not forget ...yes.

But then, I’ve travelled a hard, bumpy road to snag this particular nick name. I have paid my dues and I have bled, cried and fought the good fight in ways no one can imagine.

Once upon an ancient story, there was a world called Camelot that was full of magic and mystery. It was a place where knights had honor, where bravery was rewarded, and where every man and woman held as much authority as the King, himself.

My New Camelot is not a place. It's not a destination that you can travel to by any means known to man. It's an idea. It's a belief. Sometimes to find the light, you have to travel through the deepest dark. Things in life will either scare you or scar you.

I have scars. I prefer them. They showed that I fought, that I stood my ground and never wavered. I took what was handed me by Fate, by the Gods, and I fashioned something beautiful from the shadows, from the pain.

A recurrent theme in the New Camelot series that touches on the women predominantly is the adage that “In order for the woman to be born, the girl must die first.”  I have lived those words and I wouldn’t change a single one them to get to where I am right now.

I am not a “Queen” in a classic sense. I have no principality to rule, no cool tiara to wear. I have no ladies in waiting or a castle to call my own. It’s more a “lead by example” sitch. Just as Arthur and his men stood for a certain edict and tried to adhere to a code of ethics, that’s what I am doing.

I will seek to understand and never ridicule. I will never speak cruelly nor act cowardly.

I will always champion those who need it without thought of what may be done for me in return. 

When I give my word, that is my binding promise and therefore, unbreakable and unshakable.

My heart will only hold the good around me, no darkness will ever guide my tongue nor my hand. I will forgive all injustices done to me. I will offer hope in the face of despair. I will seek to only bring happiness and strength to those saddened and weak. I will seek to be the best person I can be without tearing others down.

I know people may laugh at me. I know people may assume I’m grandstanding and stroking my own ego.

But I’m not. I finally understanding who I really am. How can there be any shame in that?

Excerpt from Timeless Desire, Book Two of New Camelot:
"Mind if I join you?" He leaned against the doorframe, watching her pummel the padded dummy with sharp jabs.

"It's your funeral." She shot back, not making eye contact, her body language stiff and hostile. 

"Least I can hope, at any rate."

"Nim, I..."

"Sil, play Metallica." She ignored him.

"Yes, Miss Nim."

Master of Puppets began blasting through the room as she gave him a droll look and tossed a roundhouse kick on the dummy's "knee" and another kick to its groin. She knew perfectly well no matter what she said he wasn't going to leave so he shrugged and took off his shirt, tossing it aside and reached for the tape on the neatly organized shelf of supplies. Sitting on the weight bench, he taped his hands up and rose, grabbing a staff off the wall mount and throwing it at her unexpectedly.

Catching it with lightning fast reflexes, she arched a brow his way.

He grabbed another one and approached her slowly.

"What do you think you're doing?" she shouted over the music.

"I'm giving you what you want, Nimue. You want a piece? Come get some, tsylni. Fair fight, first one pinned down wins."

He didn't miss the evil glint of pleasure in her eyes. "If I win, what do I get?"

"My heart."

"That old thing? Keep it." She paused. "If I win, we break our blood link."

"The only way to do that is if one of us dies."

She flashed a fanged grin. "The problem?"

Katorah, thank you so much for hosting me today! You rock, lady!

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I can't thank Torie enough for contributing her time to my blog. I hope all of you will take the time to read her books. They are most enjoyable. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is The Shoe Gonna Drop?

Were we raised in a society that teaches us to expect the "other shoe to drop" when things are going well in our lives? Why do we find ourselves not being able to accept the fact that maybe, just maybe for once in our life something good is happening and go with the flow of that? Possibly because whenever good things happen we often find out that something bad falls right along beside it?

While I sit and ponder these questions tonight I wonder if others feel that way too. It has always seemed that in my lifetime when things were going in what seems to be the right direction something happens to knock me down off the rails. So I wonder, is this MY time? Could it be that finally, after all the years of suffering I endured, it's now time for me to find the happiness that I've always dreamed of having?

I guess I'll have to continue to ride the path this train seems to be taking me on and keep praying for the best, because right now, life is all smiles and sunshine in my heart. I'm going to take it one day at a time and see where the path takes me. What I can say without any doubt is that I have an awesome group of friends who are at my side through each and every step of the way and I would never have made it this far without them. It also helps that I have a wonderful, incredible son and his amazing girlfriend, who are supportive and want nothing more than to see me happy. I love them all for being with me through the trials and tribulations that is known as life.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


My goal in life is to make someone smile each and every day. I think the world is a better place when you see smiles all around you. What do you think?

One of my favorite things to see is a child's face light up with a smile and sometimes, these days, that can be a rare thing. It's sad to say, but so very true. For example, there is this one child that I know that always has a frown on their face as if life is miserable. Now I don't know all that goes on in this child's home life, but I get the feeling it's not all roses, that's for sure. My heart reaches out for a child like this and if there's one thing that makes me smile is to see this child turn that frown upside down. Today was one of those days and it was nothing major that caused the smiling reaction. It was simply me taking a marker and helping them color a picture. Of course the part that made them smile was when we began to playfully argue over where my color should be on the page. I had purple, they had yellow. I wanted one of the three "critters" on the page to be purple while the other two would be yellow. We teased each other back and forth until the critter became a purple/yellow scribbled blog. The child laughed hysterically at how it turned out. Something so simple brought a moment of joy into a child's life and a lifetime of remembrance for me because I will always look back on moments like those and cherish them.

What have you done today to make someone smile? I challenge you to find some way to pass a smile along to another person today, even if it's a total stranger. Let me know how it turns out. :) Let's see how many smiles we can get.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Music In My Head

Do you ever have one of those days when music just pops into you head? The sounds are both soothing and inspirational, at times. I'm not sure if today's musical notes were brought to light because I watched the movie August Rush over the weekend (which is a fabulous movie if you haven't seen it) or due to the fact that I had an amazing weekend. Maybe both. Who knows? 

Did you know that music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain? I know for a fact that it helps calm preschoolers down if you have it playing in the background while doing lessons with them. I've used this method multiple times and have always had a good outcome from doing so, especially classical music. However, all genres have their benefits, although listening to it at a volume that is too high or the tempo is too jarring can be a distraction in some cases. 

Here are ten benefits of listening to music: 

  1. Effective therapy for pain
  2. Reducing blood pressure
  3. Medicine for the heart
  4. Speeds Post-Stroke Recovery
  5. Chronic headaches & migraine remedy
  6. Music boosts immunity
  7. Music enhances intelligence, learning, and IQ
  8. Music improves memory performance
  9. Music improves concentration and attention
10. Music improves body movement and coordination

What are your favorite songs and why? Do you like to rock out when you're cleaning? Listen to country when you're feeling a "little bit country"? Does your mood affect the music genre you pick for the day? Personally, I like all types of music from classical to rock. I can live without heavy metal and rap, but to each their own.