Thursday, October 31, 2013

November already? What happened to the rest of the year?

Can you believe it's November 1st already? Neither can I. Which makes me ask the question in the title, "What happened to the rest of the year?" It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and now Thanksgiving is nipping at our heels.

In looking at the number of days that have past this year in what seems like a blue, I've been reminiscing over the books I've read in the past ten months. Then another question pops into my mind. How many books have I read in this time period? Since my average reading time is a book a day, that brings the approximate number up to 300. Of course that doesn't take in account the number of days I read more than one, but it's a close estimate. WOW! THREE-HUNDRED. Not as many as some people, but more than most, I suppose.

Now let's take a moment to reflect on the men and women who are behind the writing of these books and thank them for their continued diligence in providing these works of art for us. There are some very talented people out there working hard to keep us "in the read".

So here's my thought for the day.... With the holiday season fast approaching, why not snuggle up to a good book and a cup of hot cocoa or your favorite "frilly" coffee? I know I'll be doing that on a frequent basis. And, here's another thought.... Why not share your love of reading this year by giving the gift of a good book this Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) to your family and friends? Or donate some books to a local youth center or senior care facility.

Share your love of reading by volunteering to read at a school, children's hospital, senior care facility, or your local library. A book is a gift that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Buy her books and buy her books and all she does is eat the pages."

"Buy her books and buy her books and all she does is eat the pages." Have you ever heard that saying before?

When I was growing up I heard that more times than I can count. Most of the time it was in relation to the fact that I was blonde and occasionally had a blonde moment. Even blondes with high IQs can have those duh moments.

What's my point? Well, that phrase has popped into my head  today as I finished one book, began the next one, and found three more I wanted to read RIGHT NOW! So I'm wondering, is it possible to just absorb the words from the pages into your system so you can read multiple books in a day? Yeah, I didn't think so. Unless of course you are like me and spend every spare second reading so you can finish one book to start the next great read. Luckily, in my case, I'm a multi-tasker, so I can do multiple things at once while still reading my current book. Which is terrific since there are so many wonderful authors out there.

I've discovered that yes, there are the well known authors that we all fall back on because we love their writing, but if you dig through the suggested reads and new author links, you can find some fabulous up and coming writers out there. Just in the past month I've come across several that I've contacted to let them know I can't wait for their next book.

If you find something new that you've read, why not share it with others? Get the word out there about what you're reading and who wrote it. Drop a line to that author and tell them what you think about their work. The author's I've spoken with lately truly appreciate hearing from fans. I know that as a writer myself, I love to hear feedback from fans.

Happy Reading!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Harmless and The Santinis Series by Melissa Schroeder

While scrolling through suggested reading on my Amazon account, I discovered the boxed set for the The Santinis series by Melissa Schroeder. After reading it, I wanted more. Finding her website, I discovered she had multiple titles out, so I started reading the Harmless series from the beginning. I'm currently up to book three, A Little Harmless Obsession. Book one of the series captured my attention, book two intrigued me even further, but book three, I'm looking forward to even more. I'm anxious to see how it plays out with Evan and May, to see if he can get over his troubled past to see that he does deserve a woman like May.

(From the author's site: WARNING: The following book contains: sexy Hawaiian settings, crazy relatives, and a submission scene that leaves the heroine breathless and the hero frustrated. There are toys, bondage, and love scenes so hot, you'll need ice water and a towel. Remember, it's a Harmless story, so you know there's nothing harmless about it.)

Schroeder's Book List:

Do you have a favorite series you want to tell others about?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Freedom of speech! Do we still have it?

My question today is, what has happened to our first amendment rights? I've heard stories over the past couple of days that employers are having their human resource departments contact employees to remove items from said employee's personal social pages. Now excuse me for being rude but, WHAT THE HECK?

If I state that I had a bad day at work today, isn't that my right to do so? If I want to post a picture of the American flag with military personnel in the picture, isn't that also my right? I can not believe that employers of The United States are telling employees they need to remove such pictures. Aren't these pictures honoring the men and women who fought for our FREEDOM? Oh wait! Maybe we aren't free anymore since our employers can dictate to us what we can and can not say or post on our own time. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

What is the best book you've read this year and why? This is a question I'm asked frequently and can honestly say there is no answer to the question. I read nearly a book a day and to pick out one as my favorite is nearly impossible. I'd love to know if you have a favorite, though.