Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stay in Touch

Do you find that in spite of having the ease of Internet, cell phones, etc. at the tips of our fingers, we still, somehow, fail to take a moment out of our day to just say, "Hi" to a friend?

In times not so long ago, you had to either "dial" the phone or hand write a letter. Yes, I said hand write... for those who have never done such a thing, that means writing a letter by hand, putting it in an envelope, addressing it, putting a stamp on the corner, and then dropping it in the mailbox. I realize this is a foreign concept to some, but to those of us who grew up with this method, it was an every day normal occurrence.

Today, we have all these electronic devices at our disposal and yet, how often do you really send your friends a message? Do you "chat" daily? Weekly? Monthly?

I have found that while I spend hours upon hours online, most days, I fail to do the one thing I set out to do.... "speak" to my friends. Now, is this because I'm ignoring them? Absolutely not. Because I don't have time for them? While that would be a good excuse, it's not a truthful one. Because I get sidetracked? Most definitely.

While I might be able to multi-task by running multiple tabs in several browsers at a time, jumping from task to task, I somehow let my "ADD" keep me from letting those I care about know that I'm thinking of them. Well, for those of you who still claim me as a friend (or family), please know that I do think of you often and that just because I may not chat as often as I should, I still love you all.

What about all of you? Have you chatted with your loved ones today? I challenge you to take a moment, each day, to send a quick message to your friends or loved ones. I'll bet you just might bring a smile to someone's face.... Maybe even your own.

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